How to make bad things online

How to make bad things online

I feel like senpai is praising me. I immediately waved my hands.

“N-No, it’s not that ridiculous! Uh, but-“

“Alright, let’s start, Keita Amano.”

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“Eh? Ah, o-okay!”

After senpai said that, I immediately turned back to the screen and put my heart and soul into the game.

The first round finished shortly…In the end, I didn’t expect that I wasn’t the last one.

Tendou-san scratched her head as she smiled bitterly to Oiso-senpai.

“Ahaha…Sigh, I wanted to imitate Nina-senpai and try to use Throw as my main move even though I’m not familiar with it…However, I guess I really can’t do something that I’m not used to.”

“Maining Throw despite choosing this character, I don’t think anyone can play like this way.”

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Tendou-san glanced at the miserable results on the screen before letting out a sigh. Just as I’m staring at her dazedly, she tongued out at me slightly. How adorable. My girlfriend is super adorable.

Just as my thoughts are running wild, the character selection of the second round began.

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I looked back at the screen while considering seriously to just so I can pick a suitable character-