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“Ichinose’s Class B didn’t lose a single person.”

“That- But that’s because she was a special case. We didn’t have a huge amount of private points like she did!”

“In which case, the problem is that you failed to lead the class like that. You should’ve been saving up points for the past year like Ichinose so you could save somebody when they’re about to be expelled.”

As a result, Yamauchi wouldn’t have been expelled, and there would still be forty people in our class.

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“Impossible. We lost all of our Class Points just after we enrolled here. And, even if we hadn’t, there’s no way that our classmates would have agreed to hand over their points. You do know that, right?”

“Between ending up with zero Class Points and failing to lead the class, either way, it’s still your responsibility.”

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No matter how much Hirata may try to escape, the fact that it was his fault wouldn’t change.

“Unreasonable. That’s unreasonable.”

“Yeah, it’s unreasonable. But it can’t be helped. You chose to walk down that path. You should’ve kept this fantasy you have of wanting to save everyone to yourself. That way, no matter who ends up expelled from school, the blame wouldn’t fall on you. But, if you keep projecting your feelings on the people around you, you have to bear the full responsibility when it doesn’t end up working out. You should be resolved for at least that much.”


“I had the wrong idea about you. I thought you were an honor student, a man of character who was well respected by many of our classmates. But, I guess you’re not. You’re just a shallow, incompetent student who boasts about things you can’t even do. That, Hirata Yōsuke, is the type of person you are.”

This was an excessively extreme argument followed through to its logical conclusion. He was by no means an incompetent person.

Hirata was such an exceptionally talented person that his capabilities went well beyond what’s expected of a first-year high school student.

There was nothing wrong with him saying he wanted to protect everyone, and just because he failed to do so doesn’t mean that he’s responsible.

But even so, I still blamed him.

I forced the blame on him until the bitter end.