Rely from online snaping to make money

Rely from online snaping to make money

However, for homepage recommendations, not only did they have to compete with other popular games; but they also had to beat other popular apps. There was no way they could win it without forking out enough money!

Of course, the homepage recommendation spot was not the most mind-blowing.

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The most unbelievable part was that Bloody Battle Song had discreetly reached the seventh place in the rankings!

The seventh position was right at the bottom of the cell phone screen once the users clicked into the rankings. They could see the game without having to scroll down. The rankings mostly followed Shenhua’s calculation and were mostly fair. After all, if the entire rankings were forged, that would be too obvious. The users could easily realize that the rankings were not completely reliable. Therefore, what most app stores did was to squeeze a few publicity projects into the rankings discreetly. They would also tweak some statistics of those apps that they were publicizing to fit their rankings. Anyways, most users did not know the criteria and rules of the rankings.

It was similar to the hot searches on Weibo.

Bloody Battle Song had obviously been snuck in like that. Otherwise, how could it have been downloaded 350,000 times immediately after being released?

Everyone looked at one another, shocked and confused. What kind of background did Director Lin come from?

Director Lin had said before that she could obtain recommendation spots in Shenhua’s application store. That was why she suggested changing the game into a mobile one.

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Everyone had thought that they would be inconsequential recommendation spots. At the very most, they thought that the game would be displayed on the home page for one or two weeks.

However, it looked like they were all wrong!

Wang Xiaobin looked in the direction of Director Lin’s office and could not help but feel moved. “All of Tengda’s employees are freaks…”

Wang Xiaobin had worked in Shang Yang Games for many years; he had pretty good self-awareness.

In such a small city like Jingzhou, one’s exposure would be limited.

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Wang Xiaobin had thought that it was good enough to be the chief systems designer for a web-based game that could generate revenue.

However, ever since Tengda Games bought Shang Yang Games over, Wang Xiaobin had his pre-conceived ideas crushed into pieces again and again.

They casually poured five million yuan into research and development and then poured another few million yuan into hiring a celebrity to advertise the game. Now, they had even casually obtained such critical recommendation spots on Shenhua’s application store.