Will you use PS to live online?

Will you use PS to live online?

I’ve visited Horikita’s room before, but it doesn’t seem to have changed very much since then. Her room was very similar to my own, very monotonous and simple.

“I’m sorry for asking to meet with you on a weekday night, Ichinose-san.”

“But aren’t you doing this out of consideration for me in the first place? You don’t need to apologize.”

The feeling I got from meeting Ichinose face-to-face so far was that she’s the same as she’s always been.

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“Though… If this goes on too late, it’ll start to affect things tomorrow, so I hope you’re not looking to chat for too long… To start things off, there have been various worrisome rumors going around about me recently.”

“Yes. Do you know who has been spreading those rumors?”

Without beating around the bush, Horikita directly asked Ichinose.

I was curious to see whether or not Ichinose would answer the question honestly.

“I absolutely can’t speak with certainty here, but if I had to guess I’d say it’s Sakayanagi-san.”

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Surpassing my expectations, she gave a clear response to the question.

If she was any less than half certain about it, she wouldn’t have said any name in specific. She isn’t the type of person who would speak ill of others without any sort of reason to do so.

I was also able to come to a conclusion based on her response.

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That is, at the very least, Ichinose has been able to see that someone, in particular, has been spreading the rumors about her.

“Sakayanagi-san… What makes you think it might be her?”

“To put it simply, I guess it’s because she declared war on Class B. Do I need to give you any other reason for it?”

Horikita should know that Sakayanagi has an aggressive, warlike personality.

Considering the fact that she took the initiative to deepen the conflict in her own class in order to defeat Katsuragi, it’s easy to imagine that in order to defeat Class B, she would focus her assault on Ichinose, their leader.

“No. That reason alone is more than enough.”