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Qiao Liang then briefly introduced some of the more interesting situations he had encountered.

Of course, these replays were not particularly exciting in Pei Qian’s eyes. There was always a limit to what the game would offer since players would not understand if it was too complicated. That would be embarrassing.

However, one would be able to get the most exciting gaming experience when one was in

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To Pei Qian, he had never experienced Be Quiet in depth before since it was a network game and he could not play it alone. Pei Qian finally understood that with Teacher Qiao’s introduction.

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The initial stage of the game was searching for items that were a little similar to eating chicken. The identity setting was similar to board games such as Three Kingdoms or The Werewolf Game. The battle portion was a bit like the asymmetrical competition like Dead by Daylight.

There were three aspects to the game itself:

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First of all, its replayability had a certain degree of luck. Many people will pursue the sure win in the game. For example, a mental patient would find a house and tools with a sanity meter and health items.

They would unleash a massacre immediately; some people get the ultimate victory by following the police or playing well when the initial props were not good.

Second was a test of wits within the rules. Using limited language to command or mislead other players, guessing the identity of the other players was no different from that of a board game.

Lastly was to showcase operations like Dead by Daylight. Use props and techniques to defeat more powerful enemies. At the same time, a good player would also experience a special sense of horror.

Players would be cautious of each other. No one would know when they could be suddenly caught and attacked. They could only move forward in the dark, cautiously, not daring to make a sound.

Such horror would come from the other players, from the heart of the player. Therefore, it was scarier than standalone games.

For example, some mentally-ill players would purposely hide within a room. He would wait for the good men to search for the decryption spell and then suddenly jump out to attack!

In short, no matter how good the video was, it was certainly impossible to fully explain the feeling of playing it in person.

However, Qiao Liang analyzed the core cool points of this game through his own editing techniques and detailed analysis. Bullet screen comments with ‘F*ck’ instantly floated by when talking about the game. Everyone sighed; the game could be played this way?