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“What are you talking about so early in the morning... so, what about Mr. Machio’s lil- Machio? What about Earth’s lil-Earth?”

“Wait, why are you curious!?”

“No, we’re not, we’ve never come across, you know... we’ve got a lot of...”

“N, not Mr. Machio’s, that’s no good!”

Why am I good?

I was a little nervous.

“Well, leaving that aside, and ‘Dr. Eisha’ is bringing the patient in any moment now...”

“Eh? Dr. Eisha?”

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But that was enough joking around for now, as Elder Sis started talking with a slightly serious look.

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A patient?

“Yes. Yesterday, an unidentified woman who had collapsed on the beach was brought into the doctor’s clinic, and she had been unconscious for a long time, but this morning she woke up.”

“Heh~...... did that happen?”

“Yes. But that person...”