Which is good on the latest online platform?

Which is good on the latest online platform?

Then, we shared our impressions of each other, paid the yukata rental fee, and finally went out to the Daido Commercial Festival.

In the heart of Drestia, there is a big road called『God Street』.

The Daido Commercial Festival is an annual festival held on this God Street.

It’s definitely the biggest festival in this country.

After that, we arrived at God Street,

「Looking at it from here, there really is a huge crowd…」

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「It’s much busier than Orest…」

「As usual, it’s so congested…」

I was overwhelmed by the number of people at the festival.

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Whether I look to the right or to the left – there’s a crowd everywhere.

Street stalls lined up on both sides of the street.

Vendor’s energetic touts for customers.

Delicious food smells that stir up your appetite.

A rich atmosphere that yelled『This exactly is a Festival!』.

「Let’s enjoy this festival to the fullest!」

「Un, let’s go quickly!」

「Aa, that’s right!」

We dived into the sea of people.