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Fortunately, the clubs participating in the ICL league were all in Shanghai. There was no need to travel between cities.

Zhao Xuming looked at the time. It was almost time.

He hoped to confirm the name list of the professional players who would be transferred to the commentator this afternoon. They would undergo emergency training tomorrow and then be sent to work the day after tomorrow to test the waters.

That was because there would be FV Team’s focal battle the day after tomorrow. There would be a lot of attention. If the official commentary for this competition was still the same, it might cause the audience to lose even more.

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The losses resulting from every night lost were irreversible.

There might be some risks if he was in such a hurry, but after careful consideration, Zhao Xuming felt that the risk should not be huge.

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After all, these professional players would be appearing as “guests” at the beginning. With a professional commentator controlling the rhythm and giving them instructions, these professional players only had to honestly answer the questions and explain the game’s match. That would be considered a perfect completion of the task, so the problem should not be big.

Zhao Xuming was just thinking about it when there was a knock on the door. His assistant had returned.

“Boss Zhao.”

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“The list of professional commentators has been confirmed. Please take a look.”

The assistant handed a document to Zhao Xuming. On it were a few professional players selected from various clubs.

Zhao Xuming flipped through it and found some familiar faces.

The ICL league had already started for such a long time. All the teams had already appeared. Zhao Xuming had gone to the venue to watch a few competitions and had an impression of many players.

Most of the players here had rather lousy performances.

That was easy to understand. The clubs of the players who performed well had to keep them for the competition. How could they send them out to be commentators?

What’s more, if other players could play professionally, they would not give up their careers to be commentators.