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"Besides, if it's you, you must have realized Satou-san's feelings, right? Inviting you out on a date on Christmas, this is something normal friends would absolutely never do. Giving her your OK for that, didn't you have it in your head that you'd go out with her?".

"As a result of having had the date, I realized I'm not compatible with Satou, can't you interpret it that way?".

"That........might be the case. But from what I could see today, things went well. You seemed to be enjoying yourself too".

"If I have to be honest with you, it's not like I didn't think about going out with Satou at all".

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"S-See? As I thought".

"By going out with Satou, I might have been able to experience various things".

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Perhaps she felt uncomfortable with those words of mine, but she showed me a slightly angry expression.

"What do you mean, various?".

"It's the destination that lovers would end up arriving at. That's what it means".

I tried to tell her as mildly as I could. Naturally, Karuizawa also understands the meaning of it.

"Huh!? You, you were intending on going out with her for such a scummy reason!?".

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"Haven't you ever thought about wanting to do it?".

"I-I don't know! It's also a completely unknown world for me too!".

"Then, haven't you ever thought about jumping out into that unknown world?".

"That is------that is, I mean, ultimately doesn't it depend on your companion?".

".......well, I don't imagine just anyone would do".

I tried imagining it but of course, one would want a companion that's as good as possible.