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「Fufufufufufu... that... can be applied not only for the Breakthrough, but for other magic as well.」

I couldn’t contain my excitement when I saw Tre’ainar somewhat laughing confidently.

What is the magic technique that Tre’ainar was talking about?

「Tis called ‘Magical Breathing’.」

「Magic Breath?」

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It was the first time I heard those words, and I inquired about it.

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「Hmm, child. How does a person get the oxygen they need into their body from the air?」

「That’s... breathing, I guess.」

「Yes. And so...... how does a person restore the magic power they have consumed?」

「Eh? ...... That’s...」

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If you think about it, it’s a magic lecture. What’s more, the basics that even a kid knows...

「That’s what you talked about when you opened my ‘Magic Hole’, right? Magic power is taken from the magic that drifts in the air into the ‘Magic Tank’ in the body through the ‘Magic Hole’, passageways for the magic power for the body, holds it, and releases the magic power through the magic hole if necessary....... they say. Therefore, the magic power that is consumed takes in the magic that drifts in the air through the Magic Hole.」

「Hmm, tis so.」

I was asked a similar question before, and I answered the same way.

And Tre’ainar nodded, meaning it wasn’t wrong.


「Then, let us return to breathing... what do you do to take in ‘a good deal’ of the oxygen floating in the air?」

「Eh? That’s...... like that... you take a big breath... you take a lot of breaths...」