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“We can still form a really strong group if we ignore Housen-kun and cooperate with just three classes, but if we do that, we’ll be on the same playing field as the other years. That’s why I strongly hope that all four classes will cooperate with each other, not only for the sake of selecting strength from the classes but also because I think that it’s essential for our class year to have a sense of unity to fight together in this exam. Only us first years are allowed to form ‘a small group with up to 4 members,’ so we should take advantage of this rule. It would be a waste to throw away the upper hand that we were given.”

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If Class D was ostracized, they will of course take actions to hinder the other classes from winning first place.

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In which case, it’s obvious they would use any means to prevent the other 1st years from winning.

Yagami believed that since the rules allow for the cooperation between all four classes, they should aim for that ideal.

And then, Yagami turned to Housen once again.

“I fully understand that you have the ability to compete with the upperclassmen alone, which is why I hope you can lend us a hand.”

Yagami said that the cooperation of all four classes was necessary, no matter what, but Utomiya still suspected Housen.

He didn’t think that Housen would agree to it, since he had refused all negotiations for more than two weeks now.

“Alright, I’ll help you.”

However, after all this time, Housen readily accepted Yagami’s proposal.

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“… What are you trying to do? Housen.”

“What am I trying to do? Didn’t you guys want my help? Ain’t I just listening to ya cute wishes?”

“Then, tell us your conditions.”

Seeing how fast Housen changed his attitude, Yagami didn’t want to waste any more time so he urged Housen to continue.

“The remaining two spots in the strongest team must be reserved for Class D. That’s a must.”


Utomiya naturally showed his disgust towards Housen’s proposal that would only benefit his class.

“But what if we can’t form big groups at will?”