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“Speaking of which… I keep hearing Ayanokouji’s name recently.”

Shinohara-san could not help but raise such a question.

“Like when he became our class’s commanding tower. Ah, also when Sayakanagi-san gave him the protection point.”

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Sato-san, was thinking the same thing, also brought up the fact that Ayanokouji-kun was in the centre for these situations.

“I really can’t seem to understand. Why does it have to be Ayanokouji-kun? Although according to Horikita-san’s statement, it may all have been a coincidence.”

I also found that to be hard to believe.

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However, even if I had a conversation with these two, I doubt that we could come to a conclusion.

“Well, now that I think about it, it’s a really clever strategy. Just by giving him protection points, he would automatically be chosen as the sacrifice in situations similar to the end of year exam. If this was Sakayanagi-san’s intention from the beginning, then it makes sense.”

I gave an explanation that made sense to an extent and changed the topic.

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“Ahh, so that’s the case…!”

If Sakayanagi-san chose Ike-kun over Ayanokouji kun, it would definitely be much easier to win.

Of course, there was the possibility that she wanted to face someone unexpected, and as a result, chose Ayanokouji-kun.

Anyways, for now, it’s better to leave this matter aside.

Karuizawa-san liked Ayanokouji-kun, and Ayanokouji-kun liked Karuizawa-san.

Just by learning that, I could say that I had gained a lot of information today.

Using this as a way to break through, I should now be able to consider ways to approach him.

“I thought that Karuizawa-san’s standards for a man were the same as mine.”