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「…I see.」

I remember Zack saying the same thing.

Zack Bomber.

A member of the Black Organization who once kidnapped Ria.

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He abandoned the Holy Knights Association for the Black Organization for some reason.

And as I remembered the past,

「Allen, you are radiant.」

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「Your sword is straightforward, honest, and beautiful. I am sure that you are in the right and I in the wrong.」

Perhaps Rain was confused or something, as he suddenly spoke of things that didn’t make sense.

「However, just like how you have your justice, I have mine! I’m sorry, but I can’t back down here. No matter how strong you are, I’ll change Dagrio into a rainy country, I will not be stopped!」He roared, and started attacking with bloodshot eyes.


Our swords clashed violently, and a fierce exchange began.

After that, with each clashing of our swords, one by one sword wounds accumulated on Rain’s body.