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「Mu……. But isn’t it painful if you keep it all to yourself? Talking to someone can make you feel better. No need to be reserved. After all, I’m just an old man who’s near his death bed」

「Ho Ho Ho!」the hermit of time laughed cheerfully.

「…I guess」

As I had already half fallen into despair, I began to talk about my current hopeless situation.

I don’t have the talent for the sword.

I am being bullied in the Academy of Swordsmanship.

My mother I left behind in my hometown.

The duel tomorrow.

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So when I spat out everything I’ve been keeping in my heart so far- I certainly felt some ease.

「I see… so that’s why you were so depressed…」

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The hermit of time listened to my story seriously without making light of it.

The old man was unexpectedly a good listener.

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「If that’s the case… I might be able to help you out a little」

「…And how would you do that?」

To be able to turn such a hopeless situation aroundー If there is such a magic, by all means, I want to learn it.

Thereupon, the hermit of time laughed grinningly.

「Ho Ho, about that – you just have to use this guy」

The old man took out a red button the size of a clenched fist from his breast pocket.