What online project makes money

What online project makes money


-He brilliantly defeated the boss.

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Amano looked at me with an “I won, right?” face.

As for me, …when I tolerated his glare-

I yelled all of my exploding emotions out.

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“Eh! I-I’m not supposed to win!? You’re not praising me!?”

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“Of course not! Your impression is ‘the innocent sucker gamer that’s loved because of his clumsiness despite the love for gaming!’ How did you break that on the first try!?”

“F-First try? I don’t understand what you’re saying. …Uh, usually, I’m a clumsy person. …However, for some reason, I somehow made it out alive successfully…”

“Why must you not mess it up at this time!? You suck!”

“I beat the level miraculously, and yet I suck!? Explain that!”

Amano screamed out of utter anger. Indeed, n-normally, I should praise him for beating the boss in the first attempt. …However, I didn’t expect that from this boy!

(Ay, b-but I guess I can still get some exciting and moving clips out with the power of editing…)

So, I changed my mood and paid attention to the game screen once again.

After a short cutscene, the character creation screen showed up. This is where the live streamer can get creative and express himself. You can become lovable if you make weird designs that attract the audience’s complains-