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I spread darkness extensively and sent it towards Rain.

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「Kuh… this guy!?」

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He ran around desperately, but right now, my darkness can easily cover an entire city. It’s not that easy to escape.

Then Rain, who was completely surrounded by darkness on all sides,

「Fuu, so you can manipulate it like an extension of your hand, huh… It’s truly a wonderful ability with high application power.」he said, with a cold sweat.

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「This is the end, Dark Shadow!」

At the same time as I swung the Black Sword, blade-like sharpened darkness rushed at Rain.

「Guardian Style Secret Technique – Broken Blade!」

Rain cut all of it down in one stroke.

He circulated all the water from his robe onto his sword and increased its sharpness to the maximum, a supreme-grade sword.

That technique which threw away all semblance of defence, boasted a formidable sharpness.

With my Dark Shadow broken, I stepped into the certain kill distance.

「You broke my Dark Shadow as I expected, Rain.」