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That sounded like a threat.

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“And if I did?’

“Then I’ll spread a rumor that you raped me up here.”

“That’s a false charge, you know.”

“That’s ok, since it’s not a false charge.”

There was a strong impact to her words.

Kushida then grabbed my left wrist and slowly opened the palm of my hand. She held the back of my hand and put my palm on her breast.

The feeling of her soft breasts was transmitted throughout my whole palm.

“… What are you doing?”

At her unexpected behavior, I tried to pull away, but she pushed back on my hand.

“Your fingerprints are on my clothes. There’s evidence. I’m being serious. Get it?”

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“… I understand. I got it, so let go of my hand.”

“I’m going to leave this uniform in my room without washing it. If you tell anyone, I’m going to give this to the police.”

For a while, I glared at Kushida as she kept my hand on her breasts.

“Don’t forget.”

Making sure that I understood, Kushida stepped away from me.

I somehow couldn’t remember the feeling even though it was my first time touching a girl’s breasts.

“Hey, Kushida. Which one is the ‘real’ you?”

“… That has nothing to do with you.”