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Wu Zhicheng and the other independent game designers raised their heads and listened intently.

Qiu Hong said, “The first thing is that I will be leaving for a period of time. I’m not sure how long it will be. It might be a month or two, or three to five months. It depends on the work situation.”

“The independent game incubation base in Beijing is on the right track. I’m going to Shanghai, Guangzhou, and other cities to open independent game incubation bases.”

“The initial plan is to establish three bases: northern, eastern and southern bases.

“Everyone, you have to work harder in the future. Our northern base was the first to be established. It would be awkward if the eastern and southern bases surpass us in the future.”

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“If you encounter any problems at work, continue to look for Xi Hao. He will communicate with me at any time.”

Everyone looked surprised but did not overreact.

This was unexpected but reasonable.

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The ‘Destitution Plan’ was meant to be a developer for independent games in the entire country. Once the independent game developers in Beijing were on track, Shanghai and Guangzhou’s independent game developers would definitely be next.

It was just that no one expected it to happen so quickly.

However, Xi Hao was in charge of the normal operations of the incubation base. Thus, Qiu Hong’s departure did not have much of an impact. No one would make a fuss.

Qiu Hong paused for a moment and continued. “The second thing is that I have created gym memberships in Deposit Fitness for everyone in the incubation base. Everyone has to train on schedule.”

“In the future, everyone’s work meals must be changed to fitness meals that came with Deposit Fitness. This is to ensure everyone’s health.”