How to design clothes online to make money

How to design clothes online to make money

Cold-Faced Lady had nothing to do with Dream Realization Ventures anymore but Pei Qian was still paying attention to news about it.

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If the Cold-Faced Lady became popular and her valuation skyrocketed, Pei Qian could relax. He had made the right choice and avoided earning more money.

If the Cold-Faced Lady project turned cold and confirmed that this was a rubbish project that would not be able to have a future even if he were to burn money, Pei Qian could consider continuing burning money.

Pei Qian quickly clicked on the news and realized that it had started because a certain media outlet had revealed that the Cold-Faced Lady’s financing had failed and that its capital chain was tight. It had already delayed payment from suppliers and would probably become bankrupt in the near future.

This piece of news led to the start of negative news about the cold-faced lady.

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In fact, ever since the Cold-Faced Lady was established, there had been many doubtful voices on the internet, including questioning whether its food was delicious, expensive, excessive marketing hype, and its fame was far greater than its substance.

However, the Cold-Faced Lady had been doing very well previously. The shop was popular both in physical stores and on the internet. In addition, the taste was passable. The price was subsidized and not particularly expensive. Thus, this sound did not cause much reaction.

However, the popularity of the Cold-Faced Lady on the internet had gradually subsided. The negative voices from before were naturally dug out coupled with this piece of news.

This news did not make much of a splash previously since it was just a conversation between ‘industry insiders’.

As everyone knew, the chat history was not concrete, but it was better than nothing.

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This news had also aroused many people’s desire to discuss. Some people even wrote an article to analyze the Cold-Faced Lady’s business model, openly expressing their weakness.

The title of the article was ‘The Cold-Faced Lady’s so-called Internet Thinking is nothing more than an act’. At the end of the article was a sentence that could kill the heart.

“I have to admit that Meng Chang has extremely strong cross-border thinking, extremely high IQ, top-notch execution, and superb eloquence. From any angle, he seems to be a perfect entrepreneur.”

“However, common sense tells us that no one is much more stupid than the others in any era. No matter how smart a genius is, he can only fool consumers for a while and not for a lifetime. What’s more, there are even smarter geniuses above geniuses. Perhaps in the eyes of other geniuses, such as Boss Pei, Meng Chang’s thinking is as simple as white paper.”

“Meng Chang has been emphasizing the internet thinking and the trend of the times. However, he’s like a child sitting in the passenger seat of a car. He assumed he was in the driver’s seat, thinking that he was in control of the direction of the car and collecting money from the passengers as a driver. However, in fact, whether it was the car or the road, it was not in his control.”

This article was a perfect last hit.

The chat history that was released was not realistic. The Cold-Faced Lady could say that it had been smeared by its competitor. However, this article was written very carefully, pointing out a few fatal problems of the Cold-Faced Lady.

The most terrible thing was this sentence: Perhaps in the eyes of other geniuses like Boss Pei, Meng Chang’s thinking was as simple as white paper.

Obviously, it was referring to Boss Pei selling the shares of the Cold-Faced Lady twice previously!