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『Behind you. Here they come!』

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Right after I reacted to Tre’ainar’s words, I heard a familiar voice from behind me.

“I was surprised that you showed up, but... I’ll give an explanation afterwards.”


“For now, good night.”

A blow with a sword handle to the head. The vibration causes paralysis all over my body, and my body falls to the ground.

This is used to stun people....

“I was totally surprised... eh? Iga, wasn’t it a bit dangerous?”

“Hum. One step slower and I would have been beaten. He is no mere man... is he ojou’s acquaintance?”

“That young man was in town a little while ago.... he was playing Go with ojou.... what happened...”

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Ah...... it was really dangerous. At Tre’ainar’s warning, I would have lost consciousness if I hadn’t responded and displaced the area where I was hit a little bit.

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“Good grief... wasn’t expecting you.... “


Three of them looked surprised at me when I got up.

One of them was called ‘Iga’, the masked man I was talking about a while ago.

The other is an old man I met in the city called ‘Kouga’.

“I was a little surprised... what are you doing? Shinobu... was it?”

“You... how can you get up now? What the hell are you...?”