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“However…… He understands me well.”

Before Ryūen sent the pictures, he had received several messages from X.

The first one had a title that read ‘Transaction’. The content of the message was this:

[Provide Class C’s finalized questions and answers for the end of term exam.]

[Otherwise, make significant changes to the questions and answers you provide Kushida Kikyō.]

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This was the message that Ryūen had received.

Usually, Ryūen wouldn’t respond to something like this.

However, X had given him useful information that benefited Class C with no strings attached.

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The information was that Horikita Suzune had seen through Ryūen and Kushida’s tactics, and had made a preemptive strike. This had come out of the blue for Ryūen, who had been anticipating complete success with Kushida’s replacement of the exam questions.

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If not for this information, some of his classmates who were behind in their studies might have had to drop-out. Knowing this, Ryūen had three options available to him as to how to proceed.

The first was to disobey X and let Kushida win. However, this was something that Ryūen, who didn’t want Horikita to drop out of school, wanted to avoid as much as possible. The second was to not change out the exam questions and let X expose Kushida for cheating and make her drop out of school. However, it wasn’t fun to abide by X’s ideal progression of the situation, so he didn’t consider this option.

Ryūen’s final option was to change out the exam questions and let Horikita win the exam.

“So he managed to protect Suzune, while sealing off Kikyō’s options at the same time?”

Suzune was fighting on the surface, and someone else was controlling things behind the scenes.

Ryūen couldn’t help but laugh as he thought about how his strategy of using Kushida was in turn, used against him.

“But I’m about to push him over the edge. If he doesn't show his true colors-”

He opened up the image file that he sent to X once again.