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What mobile game is the most profitable online?

"If this is a showdown of average points then that'd be a surefire way, huh?".

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Out of all the 1st years, there are 80 boys.

20 in each class. If we're to properly divide them up then:

Class A (14 from A, 1 from C) = 15 people

Class B (12 from B, 1 from A, 1 from C, 1 from D) = 15 people

Class C (12 from C, 1 from A, 1 from B, 1 from D) = 15 people

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Class D (12 from D, 1 from A, 1 from C, 1 from B) = 15 people

The remaining 20 (3 from Class A, 6 from Class B, 5 from Class C and 6 from Class D).

Those 20 will probably have to split up into and form two groups.

However, just as the majority of the students form teams according to the wishes of their class representatives, there are also students who aren't quite doing that. One of those is unmistakably Class D's Ryuuen Kakeru.

As though he had no interest in participating in this exam in the first place, he did not interact with anyone. Rather, he spent that time alone, waiting.

However, it's not like he's a mere loner. Nobody bothered with him but instead of spending that time wallowing in loneliness, he boldly persevered through the isolation.

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However, now that not all groups have been decided on, we won't be able to move forward. Inevitably, one of the leftover groups must take Ryuuen in.

In a situation where even fellow classmates like Ishizaki won't talk to him, I can think of only one student who can make a move.

"Ryuuen-kun. If you don't mind, why don't you join our team?".

The one who called out to him was, of course, my classmate Hirata. Looking at it from Ryuuen's perspective, since he's already retired from the whole class conflict, an exam like this one that demands compulsory participation may be nothing more than an annoyance but he probably won't clumsily rebel against it either.

"Hold up, Hirata! This isn't funny, taking Ryuuen into our fold!".

All the students who have joined Hirata's group object.