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How to make money on online kinds of food

I was invited inside by Horikita, who was in an unexpectedly good mood.

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I, on the other hand, felt slightly anxious upon seeing this abnormal change in her demeanor.

There was a faint scent of miso in the air coming from further inside.

“I was just preparing dinner. Come on in.”

If that’s the case, it would’ve been fine if she had waited until after dinner to call me over.

I felt Horikita’s pressing gaze as I stood there, hesitating to enter, so I quickly resigned myself.

She might have been reluctant to have someone come over if it had gotten much later.

I decided to stop overthinking it and stepped inside. Almost immediately, I noticed something strange.

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For some reason, the small table had clearly been set for two people rather than one.

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Was she planning on having dinner with someone else after she finished talking with me?


Just as I was about to ask, Horikita interrupted me.

“Feel free to take a seat.”

No, asking me to sit…? There were clearly a pair of chopsticks placed in front of the seat she had motioned to.

My instincts were telling me that I was being set up in a trap.

“So, what exactly did you want to talk about?”

Instead of sitting down, I quickly tried to get on with the conversation.

“Do you plan to stand around as we talk? I still have some preparations to do, so could you please take a seat and wait for me to finish up?”

“No… I just feel like standing.”