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"Hey---it'll be real bad if we don't cooperate you know? Those guys are really strong".

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Representing his class, Shibata calls out to Ryuuen but Ryuuen didn't even bother with him.

"Alright you lot, it's time to rearrange. Line up starting with the smallest one in front".

Ryuuen gave orders to the chaotic Class C and had them line up with the shortest student at the front and gradually adjusted it so that the heights increased. Precisely in the shape of a bow.

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It appears they have no intention of taking Class B's opinion into account, only doing as they please.

After Shibata shook his head in exasperation, he encouraged his comrades in Class B and grasped the rope.

"This one's in the bag. With an arrangement like that, they can't possibly win".

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"We can't say that for sure. Everyone, don't let your guard down. The next round won't go the way it did before".

Katsuragi advises the other students, including Sudou.

"Why though? It was easy. It's not like they're lining up in order of decreasing height like we are".

Ike grips the rope even as he frivolously makes light of the situation. Katsuragi tried to continue speaking, but the interval ended and preparations were underway to resume the match.

And so, the second round began.

"Heave-ho! Heave-ho!".

The DA coalition tugs on the rope just as they did in the first round. However, facing a resistance that was clearly different from before, they start to lose their bearings bit by bit.

Even as they pulled and pulled, their position didn't change and feelings of anxiety began to close in.