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How to make money on the main market

For a moment, I closed my eyes and thought about what Aguri-san said.

So, I remembered…the “improvement” I made during the last year. Also, I thought about my “attitude” for this whole week.

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I have acquired irreplaceable growth from last year’s misunderstandings and mistakes.

With that, I had a new answer and attitude.

Don’t rush to the fore.

Don’t say unnecessary things.

Don’t argue with others.

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In the end, I got a peaceful life.

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Also, everyone said that I’ve grown up.

This improved me is the construct of those logical “considerations” and “correct” answers.

All of that-

-are nothing but trash compared to my friend’s tears.

“…Let’s have another match.”

I mumbled and opened my eyes determinedly. Then, I moved my eyes and confirmed…the tiny yet real tears on Aguri-san’s eyes-

-I made up my mind and showed a provocative smile at Main-san.

“We’ll just have another match, Main-san. Please fight me on video games, alright? Also, I’ll place your favorite ‘ownership’ as the bet.”


Main-san’s face is showing excitement from this chain of events.

We continued our conversation when Aguri-san and Mii were still trying to catch up.