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Still, Pei Qian had to admit that the opinions expressed by the stickies were very common. After this series of blows, Pei Qian could no longer think of a reason why Fish-Catching Take-Out would continue to incur losses.

“Even the Sloth Apartments have been exposed. It’s a good thing that no one knows the truth behind this project yet, though.

“Does this mean ‘Food Harmony’ won’t keep incurring losses either?”

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Pei Qian continued to read through the posts aimlessly. All of a sudden, his hand paused. He had just read a new post.

“Who knows where I can buy the lunchbox?”

“It seems like you can buy it directly from the stores. There are brand new ones in all sorts of colors, which are different from those that come with your take-out. They’re going for 49 yuan—that’s pretty cheap.”

“What do you want them for?”

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“Insulated takeaway boxes! They look nice, and the compartments were very scientifically-based. They can hold meat, vegetables, soup, and the like. It’s well-sealed as well, so that you won’t have to worry about spilling.”

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“That makes sense! My mom might need one. I’ll make an order now!”

Pei Qian was stunned by the discussion. They wanted to buy the lunchboxes as insulated takeaway boxes? They think it’s beautiful and unique?

Moreover, 49 yuan is cheap?!

Pei Qian was taken aback. Even if the earlier discussions had been expected, this one was completely beyond his expectations! How could ‘Food Harmony’ generate revenue this way?!

Pei Qian was beginning to feel like he had been ruthlessly taken for a ride...

August 13th, Saturday...

Pei Qian crawled out of bed and yawned. There was a Management Trainee meeting today.

The examination period had passed, and Pei Qian had been plagued with too much work. Although he could symbolically study a little—on the whole, he had to give up getting better.