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Yes, it’s the opening round of the Rugby World Cup.

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s read my novels early and support the Japanese national team today!

Translated by: Sads07

“Dear me, I don’t like to stand out.”

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“Then, I’ll end this in seconds.”

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Our fight was the opening match of the tournament.

The venue was lively and full of support for both of us, except for a ‘section’.

[Now, these two are the youngest participants in this tournament, and both were recommended by the High Priestess. One is an unexpected variant genius who appeared in the Wizarding School, his fame gradually spreading. Never has the depth of his power been witnessed, leaving many of his peers behind in the dust! Young girls attracted to such a man are rushing in droves to cheer him on today!]

And with the words of the heated host... the dude somehow sighed, “Dear me!”.

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In the meantime, the five bitches were screaming and making a lot of noise.

[On the other side, this man also suddenly emerged. While his origins are all shrouded in mystery, his figures greatly exceed that of the other dojo’s students! And now the sight of him running around town early in the morning is actually becoming one of the city’s specialties. Today, even the sisters of the church have all come out in support! I mean, you two are really popular with the ladies, you bastards!]

For the time being, I raised my hand and responded to the cheers.

“”””Waaaaaah! Go, Fight on!!!””””

[Hehehehe, let’s go!! Bear witness, as they go all in for victory!]