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Coupled with Bao Xu being the person-in-charge, wouldn’t he be able to arrange for everyone to go on holiday clearly?

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Hehe, Hu Xianbin and Huang Sibo ran quite quickly, thinking that they had successfully dodged.

However, they would never have expected such a drastic change in one month!

“That way, I can relax. Hurry up and arrange it. Especially the training base. You have to hurry up and prepare. Try to settle it within a month.”

Pei Qian calculated that Hu Xianbin and Huang Sibo would be back about a month later. They would be able to make it in time.

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Any later and he would not be able to achieve the ‘seamless connection’. He was still lacking something.

It was just like the operation when playing games. Even though the smooth operation and clumsy operation might end up the same, the former was more handsome!

Bao Xu nodded and said confidently, “Don’t worry, Boss Pei. I’ll definitely arrange everything for them.”

August 9th, Thursday…

In an ordinary-looking office building in the southwestern region of Jingzhou…

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Tang Yishu sat in the center of the conference table in the conference room. Li Yada and Meng Chang sat on either side of her.

The other employees took their seats around him.

Other companies might have more requirements for the seating arrangement, but in Tengda, the most central position was more important. It must be the person-in-charge of the department. The other seats were more casual.

This was a tradition that had been passed down from Boss Pei.

That was because Boss Pei’s seat was the most important. It did not matter where the others sat.

As time went by, the various departments inherited this tradition.