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Online sub-business chat to make money?

“Oh, that’s right. If you want snacks, just help yourself. There’s no limit.”

The man waved his potato chips in front of Wu Bin’s face, telling him that the latter was free to eat whatever snacks he wanted.

Wu Bin caught a whiff of the potato chips-it smelled good. However, since this was only his first day of work and he had not yet been offered tenure, he decided that getting snacks now would be inappropriate. Thus, he shook his head and said, “It’s alright; I’m not hungry.”

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The man beside him suddenly thought of something else. “Oh, that’s right. The only exception is Boss Pei.

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“Out of respect, nobody calls him by his

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“Of course, Boss Pei is quite an easygoing person. I don’t think he’ll get angry even if you refer to him by his name.

“It’s just that everyone respects him from the bottom of our hearts. That’s why we address him as ‘Boss Pei’. He’s the only one in the entire company.

“All in all, apart from Boss Pei, you can refer to anyone by their names without a problem.”

Wu Bin nodded in silence. It looked like he needed to learn about those internal practices from the old employees. Both of them engaged in casual conversation and introduced themselves.

Then, Wu Bin asked more about daily work matters, such as… whether the contents in the Employee’s Handbook were true or not.

The man pondered for a moment and replied, “Not entirely.”

Wu Bin nodded, understanding.

Indeed, most companies would hide their flaws and boast about their merits in their introductions. Of course, he could not say that was wrong. He could only say it was understandable.