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As I looked at the plate, there was not a single Ramzac left.

It was a complete destruction.


To think she ate that many all on her own…

As I stared in wonder,

「Alright already! Let’s go to the next store!」

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For some reason, she suddenly lost her mood, and proceeded quickly to pay the bill.

「W-Wait, Ria!」

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「…Tch, almost.」

After enjoying Ramzac in Vesland, we strolled around the aquarium, candy shops, general stores, and more.

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The girls looked lovely as they acted like teenage girls.

At present, we were at the most famous luxury jewelry store in the capital.

「Wow… beautiful! Nee Nee, look here, Allen!」

Ria stuck out her finger with a diamond ring on it.

「A-Aa, yes… It suits you…!」