How is the gold key online make money?

How is the gold key online make money?

(…This is bad)

I was supposed to become a fine swordsman and let my mother live an easy life.

At this rate, I might drag her into a debt of hell.

(…No, no, calm down. Maybe it’s surprisingly cheap….!)

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Yes, it’s not decided that the magic circle is that expensive yet.

Perchance, it might be a consumable item with a limited number of usages!

With that hope in my heart, I turned my gaze towards sensei.

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「W-What on earth…!?」

Her eyes widened as her fists trembled.

(…It’s over.)

That imminent expression, no doubt.

The magic circle seems to be rarer and more expensive in comparison to the spirit sword.

(What the hell, spiritual power is immeasurable… !? Did that guy interfere with anything…? No… That’s impossible. I’ve never heard of spirit rank affecting the measurement of spiritual power. In other words, the cause of the destruction of the magic circle is… the enormous spiritual power of『Allen himself』…)

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I mustered my courage and called out to sensei, who was silent with a pale face.