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He still could have three cars that cost three million in total. Pei Qian planned to keep this aside for now and wait for the next settlement. If there was a need for a sudden splurge, he could immediately buy three cars worth nine hundred thousand apiece that would cost three million thereabouts.

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Pei Qian thought about this as he continued to insist that everyone ate with more gusto and to not hold back. As for some employees that came from his businesses that were making losses, Boss Pei didn’t forget to continuously encourage them, telling them not to worry about making profits and to prioritize the company’s reputation first.

Huang Sibo and Zhu Xiaoce had just finished speaking to Pei Qian as they then sat down to continue eating. Zhu Xiaoce was feeling a little vexed.

“This is strange. I feel that Boss Pei isn’t as warm to us as the last time?”

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When the documentary had made losses the last time, Boss Pei had spoken very warmly to the two of them; it was like relatives talking to each other. This time, Boss Pei had exchanged some pleasantries with them and had gone to look for other people to talk to.

Huang Sibo evidently didn’t take this to heart as he ate his lobster, smiled confidently, and said, “This proves that we have chosen the right path.”

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Zhu Xiaoce was stunned. “What do you mean?” “Haven’t you realized? Boss Pei is paying special attention to those that are not doing very well or those that are making huge losses,” Huang Sibo explained. Zhu Xiaoce thought about it, and this seemed to make sense.

When Boss Pei had gone to talk to the employees of Zhongdian Chinese Network and Upwind Logistics, he had talked to them for a very long time; and he also looked rather eager.

Conversely, he didn’t seem to pay that much attention to relatively more successful businesses such as Fei Huang Workspace and Fish-Catching Internet Cafe, etc. He had only said a few words and left.

Huang Sibo smiled slightly, “Boss Pei has always been like this. He would pay more attention to those that are temporarily struggling and facing difficulties, to put those in charge at ease. For the businesses that he was surer of and had the potential to succeed, Boss Pei naturally didn’t need to spend too much time on them.

“This means that our current trajectory is the right one!

“Since Boss Pei had given his approval, what is there to worry about? As long as we gave it our all, we definitely can make a name for ourselves!”

Zhu Xiaoce took this in, nodded, and said, “I see! I understand now!”

I slowly awaken to the warm sunlight hitting my skin.


As my head cleared up, the surrounding information rushed in.

The smell of lush grass and leaves.

A bird chirping.