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The specific operations were also a problem. Pei Qian had learned from the lesson of fake reviewers from Repent and be Saved. He would no longer let them express their creativity.

He had to give them a clear direction.

However, it was impossible for him to tell them to criticize Tomorrow is Beautiful directly. On one hand, the system would not allow him to report the expense; on the other hand, it might stimulate reverse psychology if he did it too intensively.

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Also, it was difficult to find a point to criticize in this film.

“Wait, stimulate reverse psychology? Yes, spend money to find people to brag about this movie to its death!

“Brag about the far-fetched points of the movie. It would create an impression on netizens that the good reviews were all written by fake reviewers!

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“At the same time, such brainless bragging would cause some people’s disgust. They would naturally devalue the movie into nothing.

“Wouldn’t it allow me to achieve the effect I want this way?

“Yes, let’s do it this way!”

Pei Qian made up his mind and started looking for some well-known film critics on the internet, especially those who had already published a low rating on Tomorrow is Beautiful.

He would pay them some money to change his ratings!

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Wouldn’t everyone be able to clearly see that he had received money and immediately associate Tomorrow is Beautiful with fake reviewers?

“Let me see... Lady Luck is smiling upon which reviewer...”

Pei Qian was a lot more excited now. He began patiently searching for his prey on Weibo and various film and television websites.

Pei Qian realized that many movie reviewers had already written their reviews for Tomorrow is Beautiful while searching on the internet.