What is going on online mining machine?

What is going on online mining machine?

Pei Qian thought about hiding the riddles in ancient poems—that would have been more ruthless. However, it would also have required a lot more work. That was why Pei Qian gave up; there was simply no way they could do it!

Even literature majors did not take courses on writing ancient poetry. Even if Pei Qian did manage to force fresh graduates to write poems for the game, the poems would be a far cry from classic ancient poems. Also, Ma Yiqun and Zhu Xingan were busy writing the game’s plot. They did not have the time or energy to weigh each word and produce meaningful poems.

That was why they picked out relatively neglected but deep poems that fit into the context of the game and forced them into the storyline.

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With the help of his physical and online dictionaries, Hao Shuaiqi expended a lot of effort solving these riddles.

Each time, he would explain the meaning behind these riddles and be praised with comments like ‘woo’, ‘lol’, or ‘awesome’.

There were no bullet screen comments on Link Live, but the audience could still post their comments in real-time as the livestream progressed. That was how they interacted with the host.

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Hao Shuaiqi also very considerately recorded his foreign viewers’ comments and translated the meaning behind these comments periodically. These were to be displayed at the end of the video.

Take this episode for example. He displayed a couple of comments from his foreign viewers at the end.

“This is a very meaningful game. I wish there were more games like that!” “Can anyone tell me where I can purchase this game?” “It looks like this game was really created for players; it is quite enlightening.”

“It looks rich in content. The hand sensitivity and graphics are not bad, too. I can’t wait to see more content!”

“We need English!”

“We need Japanese!”

Qiao Liang could not help but smile as he read these comments.

“He could refer to his dictionary and play the game at the same time? It’s about time to let our friends from overseas suffer! Speaking of which, the game is so hardcore. It’s no wonder that foreigners are becoming fond of?it.

“I’ll give him a like.”