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“If you use your brain a little, then you will know that this view is totally unfounded!

“Then why does the game only have one ending and cannot be changed?

“As I said before, the lives of a poor man and a rich man are used to reflect such lives.

“Everyone’s life is different. The difference between people of the similar class is also huge. Once there are multiple endings, it will dilute the thoughts that the game wants to express.

“The game imposed a unique outcome for the poor and the rich. There are two considerations.

“First, like most stories and movies, a single ending can ensure the integrity of the entire story and allow the creator’s ideas to be expressed.

“If you don’t limit the ending, you will not be able to make the beginning and the end echo with each other.

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“The kind rich people ended in tragedy and the kind poor people also ended in tragedy. The story will be tenser. If a happy ending is used, the tension of the entire story will be diluted, and the ideas that the creator wanted to express will be going off-track.

“Second, this is a more advanced form of ‘fatalism’. It does not emphasize that people cannot change their own destiny but emphasize that, in this social environment, a certain individual’s choice cannot change the entire class.

“It is possible for the rich to die or enjoy their twilight years, and many of them would enjoy their twilight years. However, the hatred between the classes has been established and the hatred of the poor for the rich is irreversible so ‘kill the rich’ will become an inevitable event—the difference is ‘who killed the rich’ and ‘which rich was killed’.

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“The poor may counterattack and become rich, or they may go bankrupt and become beggars. However, the relationship between the rich and poor remains unchanged. Like in a game, if the poor are always exploited by the rich in various ways, then the poor will always be poor. Even with individual exceptions, the perspective of the entire group... will become increasingly unsolvable.

“Therefore, the game deliberately locked the ending, letting us open up various branches in the game over and over again, make different choices, look for two versions of the hidden plot... but in the end, nothing was changed.

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“Why can’t we change the ending? The game machine is restricting us.

“And by extension, the poor in the game cannot change his life through struggles because the game mechanics of the entire society restricts him.

“Here, the dimensional wall of the game is broken again. In a certain game rule—no matter how hard you work, you will not become a real winner.

“[5] There is only one clothing brand that repeatedly appeared in the game. What does this mean?

“Many people should have seen the luxury brand, which is that golden ‘LL’ logo. This is the only brand that appeared throughout the game, which was controlled by the protagonist’s father and inherited by the protagonist. It has also appeared on many characters.