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Honestly, I set foot in the dojo with little interest, wondering why I was quietly following her.

And then……

“Oh, Master…”

“Hey there Master…”


The moment I opened the door and went inside, a sudden gust of heat came upon my face.

The heat was completely different inside than outside, probably because of the steam.

And there…


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Men? These guys also say that… such men.

Some were about my age, and others old and bearded.

Everyone was covered in sweat, had well-trained bodies, and had a very strong impression.

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“Hmm, don’t strain thyself.”

The High Priestess responded to all of them with such a cool face……Hmm? Master?

『Nu!? Th-This is… as for that…』

And beside me, while I was fascinated by the people in the dojo, Tre’ainar was more focused on the equipment on the ground floor of the dojo.

What was it? I’ve never seen that before.

Somehow, rings were attached to the left and right of a long stick, and it was lifted up while clenching teeth with a very serious face. Was it heavy?