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「Hyo, hyohoho… Well, well, don’t get so angry… It was out of my calculation that『Allen Rodore』 was a swordsman to that extent!」

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「Tch, that doesn’t matter. More importantly, I don’t have much time. Let’s start.」

「Hyohoho…! I know!」

Allen Rodore and the Hermit of Time -『Timeless Strategy Meeting』began with only the two of them.

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“Boss Pei just opened this place?” Lin Wan was shocked.

Assistant Xin nodded and said, “Yes. Our meal today is Ming Yun Private Kitchen’s very first.”

She pointed at the dishes on the table. They didn’t look particularly showy; if it was an ordinary person, they probably wouldn’t have been able to guess how expensive the dishes were.

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“Around seventy percent of the dishes here had to be preordered and cannot be found in Jingzhou. They had to be ordered and sent over using special logistical arrangements. In order to have a meal like this, two or three days of preparation is required.”

Lin Wan thought about it, “Boss Pei is intending to use this place as a high-end entertaining venue for business partners?”

After all, Tengda’s development was extremely rapid now; it was unavoidable that there would be a need to talk things over with other big companies’ bosses.

Lin Wan felt that perhaps normal entertaining banquets no longer met Boss Pei’s requirements, and so he had decided to open up his own restaurant. Assistant Xin shook her head. ‘Who knows? At present, Boss Pei doesn’t seem to have plans to have banquets to entertain clients here frequently. However, all future company gatherings would be organized here.”

Lin Wan couldn’t help it but feel stunned.

Could this private kitchen’s priority objective be to serve as a venue for company gatherings?

In her opinion, this was the poshest restaurant in the entire Jingzhou City. Not only were the dishes delicious, but the atmosphere and service were impeccable as well. It was extremely suited to be used as a place for private banquets and dining to entertain some esteemed clients and bosses.

To use such a place for the company’s internal gatherings?

It was a little too much!