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Now, even though he had proactively reached out, this Boss Pei was still not moved and had speedily rejected his offer?

This did not seem logical.

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After all, within this circle, similar investments were rather common.

If any venture capitalist came knocking, most targeted companies would choose to hear them out first, to see what the terms of the offer were.

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If they really weren’t pleased and a deal could not be struck, at most both parties could go their separate ways and perhaps find future opportunities to collaborate; no one would lose out from this experience.

Incidents like this where a flat-out rejection had occurred were really rare.

Li Shi was after all a seasoned investor, and he wasn’t that shaken by such a small setback. He tried to shake off the smell of smoke on him as he returned to Fish-Catching Internet Cafe again.

Li Shi noticed that Pei Qian had already stopped scribbling and drawing on his notebook. However, he continued to look seriously at it as if still thinking.

If he didn’t have complete trust in his subordinate, Li Shi might even have suspected whether Boss Pei had indeed received the olive branch he had extended or not.

“This is strange; he was actually indifferent to my offer to invest. Could it be I had made a mistake in judgment?

“Although Boss Pei was now in a tough spot and the internet cafe kept on losing money, could it be he was still adamant and hard-headed that he could turn this business around?

“While I could provide him with a huge amount of funds and opportunities to collaborate, could it be that this Boss Pei still preferred to have absolute control?

“Regardless, he seemed like a person with a strong desire to exert control, someone who would not easily allow anyone else to interfere.

“Ah, youngsters are indeed youngsters. They want to reap all the benefits on their own; this is not the thinking a good entrepreneur should have.”

Analyzing from every aspect, Li Shi found it hard to explain why Boss Pei would have so decisively rejected his offer to invest. The crux was the rejection had been so clean-cut; Boss Pei had not even bothered to hear the specifics.

Li Shi could only think of one explanation. Boss Pei was an impetuous person who was very stubborn. He had a strong desire to exert control over his businesses and did not want anyone butting in.