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“It… It just pisses me off that he’s running away before I can pay him back for this stupid loan I took from him, that’s all there is to it.”

Ibuki would provide salvation to Ichinose, fully prepared to face the potential disdain from her classmates.

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And just like that, Ibuki transferred the predetermined amount of private points to Ichinose.

“Confirm everything on your end.”

“Will do.”

Ichinose immediately took a look at her points, checking to make sure she had received the points.

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“Thank you. It arrived beautifully.”

She showed the number on her phone, proving to all of us that she had exactly twenty million points in her account.

“I’ll be acting as a witness to this negotiation. I’ll have you all know now that I’ve also been recording the contents of this conversation.”

Out of the interest of fairness, I took out my cell phone.

“Ibuki is offering about four million points. In return, Ichinose and the rest of her classmates will cast their praise vote for Ryūen, for a total of forty votes. If there is a breach of this agreement…”

“I wouldn’t have fulfilled my end of the deal, so I’d take the initiative and drop out school myself.”

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Of course, none of us actually thought that something like that would happen.

In practice, the school would also take record of any transactions that consisted of a large number of points, so if Ichinose went against her word, it wouldn’t be surprising if the transaction was determined to be fraudulent with that alone.

However, Ibuki and Ishizaki knew they were making a deal with none other than Ichinose Honami herself, so they probably felt like they could entrust it to her safely.

This was the story of the events that happened between Ishizaki, Ibuki, Ichinose, and myself.

(Part 6 End)

The backside of the school building was quiet.

“You claimed that it would’ve been easy for you to avoid expulsion if you took things seriously. It was because you knew you could’ve done it this way, wasn’t it?”