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I succeeded in sealing Cain-san’s mouth and went to the classroom of Year 1 Class A.

About a week had passed since I transferred to White Lily Academy.

「Good morning, Allen-sama.」

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「Good morning, Allen-san. It’s nice weather today.」

「Aa, good morning. Shirley-san, Misha-san.」

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And now, I was able to talk happily with my classmates.

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At first, they were strongly vigilant, but the exchanges gradually increased through Idol and now they have warmed up to the extent where we could have small talk.

Then, the door of the classroom opened as I exchanged greetings with other female students.

「Good morning, Allen!」


It was the cheerful Ria and sleepy-eyed Rose.

「Aa, good morning.」

Ria placed her bag in her seat and asked me a sharp question.

「Even so, Allen. You’ve been coming quite early these days. What’s going on?」

「N-No…! There’s nothing…」


She looked me in the eye while thinking about something deeply.

Fortunately, no one has found out about my living together with Idol, except for Cain-san.

(One more week left…)