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“I think there is! Yes! I think there’s an air cleaner!”

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“W-Why are you so worked up? …Whatever, anyway, I feel really secure when I smell this.”

“Hmm? I really like a bookstore-like smell like this…”

“S-SHUT UP, Amano-kun! Don’t say that here! Sheesh! You’re just as sly…”

“Uh, why are you embarrassed!? W-Whatever, let’s move on. …Anyway, just let me open it to see what’s inside…”

“Wait, don’t open it here, Amano-kun! You’ll be embarrassed!”

“You gave me a chocolate that’s embarrassing to open!?”

“It’s okay if it’s only embarrassing! Depending on the situation, it can be classified as a terrorist attack! You have to use it carefully! I just realized that its power is slowly increasing!”

“No, what did you just say!? Is this another misunderstanding like we used to have again!?”

“No! I’m really talking about Valentine’s chocolate! Yes!”

“My god! This is the first time that I really hope that this is just a misunderstanding!”

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“A-Anyway! Y-You should, how should I say this, you should open it alone in your house. …Then, you’ll fall speechless!”

“This is a chocolate that will make me speechless. …I-I understand. I’ll enjoy it by myself.”

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“Very well, Amano-kun, let’s go home. I’ll walk with you. …As the creator of this negative relic, I have the responsibility to see it to the last.”