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…I scrolled the screen and tried to decline the call. …However, she called me right away again. …I should just blacklist her. …Although I thought about doing it, I can’t cross that line. Furthermore, at the end of the day, I just can’t ignore Aguri-san completely.

I answered the call. This time, Aguri-san seems to have learned her lesson as well. She suddenly explained to me without any complaint.

“Eh, I get it! I understand! I also considered this! Right now, Amanocchi doesn’t want to stir up any more troubles. I get that. So, I also respectfully agreed to stop going to the family restaurant for a while! Yes!”

“If that’s the case, why are you suggesting such a heavyweight event that not just affects me, but your own relationship as well…?”

Facing my thoroughly dumbfounded voice, the other side of the phone is…

“…I guess it’s because…even though I understand, I can only rely on you, Amanocchi…”

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…Aguri-san’s voice got uncharacteristically depressed.

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My ears are still next to the phone. I can’t help but look up to the ceiling in my room.

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…That’s why I wanted to hang up ASAP.

After all, if things turned like this, there’s only one option left for me, Keita Amano.

“Hiya, you’re here, Amanocchi! Wow, you’re such a man!”


It’s a Sunday morning, 11AM.

I’m at the bus station near Aguri-san’s home. I got off with cloudy eyes. The gal, who’s in a coat, immediately came here while rubbing her hands.

When the bus closed the door and left, I started mumbling without even looking at the gal.

“…Should I try and suddenly invite Tendou-san out for a date? …I thought about that.”