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[This is before Amano’s first confession to Tendou.]

“T-That’s why I said social games like this is really…”

I threw my phone to the side furiously before sinking my face into the pillow.

Before I go to bed, I, Karen Tendou, was interested in social games for some reason. …In the end, I quitted the game with a head filled with dissatisfaction and rage.

…Initially, I knew that I’m not suited to these types of games. However, recently, …when I saw Amano-kun enjoying it, I can’t help but think, “perhaps I’m biased.” So, I more or less compromised and tried social games out for a bit…

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I slowly flipped my body and stared at the roof with a dazed expression.

(Unexpectedly, the game is actually pretty fun, …especially for rhythm-based games. Their quality is on par with PC music games.)

I did have a good time. From this perspective, I even wanted to take back the “social games are boring” comment to Amano-kun.

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However, on the other hand…

As a hardcore gamer, I’m incompatible with the mechanic of social games.

It’s because there’s one element that’s utterly hated by me…

“…Stamina limit. …This is nothing but trouble for me.”

You have to wait for your stamina to regenerate to play the game a limited number of times. The main point is that you’re not playing all of it at once. Instead, you’re checking it out once a while in the long term. I’m really not suited to this playstyle.

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I grabbed my phone and opened the music game I played a while ago. …The stamina is zero, and I can’t even play for once.

After I locked the screen and put the phone aside, I pouted.

(Why you’re not letting me play when I really want to?)